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Poker Crush Forums Forum Index -> Hacks/Mods List

Hack Name Author Description Website
800 Avatars  n/a 800 Avatars in the Orion Avatar Gallery No website is available.
Acronym Mod  CodemonkeyX Acronym explaination in phpBB No website is available.
Activity Mod  v2.0.1 Napoleon Adds Game Center to phpBB No website is available.
Admin Account Actions  v1.2.1 Acid Displays all users which expect an account activation on an extra site inside the admin panel (admin activation and user activation). You can activate or delete them. No website is available.
Admin Mass Delete Users  v1.0.0 Antony Bailey & Freakin' Booty ;-P
antony_bailey at lycos dot co dot uk
Adds, a module to the admin panel, to select and delete a number of users.
Advanced Quick Reply Hack  v1.5.0 RustyDragon This hack allows users to use a quick reply form which is placed below every topic.
Anti Aliased Smilies  FI Anti Aliased Smilie Packet for phpBB
Anti Robotic Register Flood  v1.1.4 Smartor
smartor_xp at hotmail dot com
This will add a Random-graphical-text Vadiation field in Registration form to protect your phpBB from being flooded of robotic-member-registration (like many free webhost signup form...)
BBCode Box  v4.5.0 Tofeeq Moher Alsady This will change the BBCode buttons in the posting body with images like the ones in Microsoft Word and add a lot of new and useful BBCodes. No website is available.
Birthday  v1.5.4 Niels
ncr at db9 dot dk
This mod will add a birthday field into your user's profile and make users age viewable to others when viewing posts.
Calendar  v1.4.2 WebSnail Add-on, plug-in Calendar for phpBB2
Chatbox Mod  v1.1.9g Smartor
smartor_xp at hotmail dot com
Adds a live Chatbox to phpBB
CMX News Mod  v1.0.0 Beta6 CodemonkeyX Adds a Forum-News Section
Complete Backup over ACP  v1.0.0 Garold W. Robinson
setheep at hotmail dot com
modification of the admin_db_utils.php to back-up your entire database No website is available.
Configurable Disable Message  v1.0.0 Dwing
dwing at weingarten-net dot de
Change "Board disabled" Message over ACP
Contact Mod  v1.0.0 Carsten Schäfer Adds a contact form in phpBB No website is available.
Disable Registration  v1.0.4 Flipper Allows admin to disable registrations and also set a message.
Displays Birthdays on Calendar lite 1.4.xx  v1.0.4 OXPUS
webmaster at oxpus dot de
Displays Birthdays on Calendar lite 1.4.xx
ECP  v0.2.0 EGO2000, PhilippT Change the Profil to a Usercp No website is available.
Events from callite on ezPortal  v1.1.0 OXPUS
webmaster at oxpus dot de
Shows the events of the board calender on portal
Extended ICQ Info  v1.2.2 CBACK
webmaster at cback dot de
Adds an ICQ Popup with many functions to viewtopic.php
EZ Portal  v2.1.8 Smartor An easy to use portal like system that utilizes your phpBB.
EZ Portal Admin  Marcus Thiel Configure EZ Portal over ACP No website is available.
FI SubSilverSH  FI A Theme for phpBB
File Attachment Mod  v2.3.9 Acyd Burn File Attachments in phpBB No website is available.
Gender Mod  v1.2.5 Niels
ncr at db9 dot dk
This mod will add a Gender field into users' profile.
Global Announcement mod  v1.2.6 Niels
ncr at db9 dot dk
Global Announcements for phpBB
Hacks List  v1.20 Nivisec
support at nivisec dot com
Maintains a list of all the hacks/mods you have installed.
HTTP Errors  v1.0.0 Matthijs van de Water
matthijs at vandewater dot tk
HTTP Erros in phpBB Style No website is available.
Icons for Orion NewGeneration  v1.0.0 Icons used in Orion NewGeneration
Knowledge Base  v0.7.6 wGEric Adds a Knowledge Base to phpBB
Last Visit  v1.2.8 Niels Shows User Statistics (Daily Forum visits) in Portal and Bottom of the index.
Lock/Unlock in Posting Body  v1.0.1 Meik Sievertsen
acyd dot burn at gmx dot de
This Hack allows the Admin/Mod to lock/unlock a topic direct after submitting the post. No website is available.
Online/Offline Indicator  romans1423 Adds an Online/Offline Indicator in phpBB No website is available.
OnMouseOver Hack  Robin de Boer MouseOver changes color of table cells in the forum No website is available.
Orion ACP Supportlink  v1.0.0 CBACK
webmaster at cback dot de
Adds a Supportlink for Orion ACP
Orion Idea and Premodding  v1.0 CBACK
webmaster at cback dot de
The Orion prehacked phpBB Board. Idea and Premodding
Orion Installskript  v1.0 Neoscheff
neoscheff at cback dot de
The easy Installskript of phpBB Orion
Orion Style Add On  v1.0.0 CBACK
webmaster at cback dot de
To make some changes in the FI Theme "fisubsilversh" for Orion
Overall Forum Permission  v1.0.2 Smartor
smartor_xp at hotmail dot com
This Mod can set permissions for all your forums with just one screen. Extended features like News Mod are not included the must be set seperatly.
Page Generation Time  v2.0.0 Smartor This hack will show page generation info in the page footer.
Personal Notes  v1.4.6 OXPUS
webmaster at oxpus dot de
Want personal notes? Here it is...
Photo Album  v2.0.0 Smartor
smartor_xp at hotmail dot com
Adds a Photo Album to phpBB
PM Popup  Marc Philpott Opens a PM Popup when you click on the "PM" Button in viewtopic.php No website is available.
Q_links on ezPortal  v1.0.2 Oxpus
webmaster at oxpus dot de
Inserts a new block with scrolling minibanners on ezPortal
Realname Hack  v1.0.0 Do Hong Nam Adds a Realname field in you're profile. No website is available.
Recent Topics Block  Smartor Recent Topics Block for EZ Portal
Reduce ACP-Navigation Panel  v2.1.2 OXPUS
webmaster at oxpus dot de
After installing mods for the acp, the navigation panel will be increases to a long list because new modules will set new values on it. This mod switches all acp module titles into links to open/close them.
Signature Editor Deluxe  EGO2000 Signature Editor Deluxe with preview No website is available.
Smilie Row Corrector  v1.0.0 CBACK
webmaster at cback dot de
Some templates don't show the smilie rows correctly and this hack corrects the problem.
Smilie Upload over ACP  v1.1.0 Thoul Manage smilies images through the Admin Panel.
SmilieCreator  v1.0.3 esperitox BBCode to create Smilie Shields
Smilies in Topic Titles  v1.1.1 Suisse
chatwithbea at bluewin dot ch
Shows smilies in topic titles
Sticky/Announce Moderator Buttons  v1.0.0 ShockWire
shockwire at bespin dot org
This mod will add sticky and announce buttons at the bottom of a topic, next to the lock, move, and split buttons. No website is available.
Top Posters Block for Smartor's ezPortal  Kooky This file explains you how to create a Top Posters block on ezPortal
Topic Description  v1.0.5 Morpheus2matrix
morpheus2matrix at caramail dot com
This MOD allow you to add a little description of the topic that you have posted
View Profile Sig  v1.1.0 netclectic
adrian at netclectic dot com
Adds the user's signature to their view profile page.
Visit Counter  v1.1.1 Smartor
smartor_xp at hotmail dot com
This will add a visit counter into your phpBB. Use MySQL to store data
XtACP  v3.0.0 CBACK
webmaster at cback dot de
Adds a new Frame Layout for you're Orion ACP

Hacks/Mods List © 2003

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