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* Monday - 16th Dec 2019 - 01:40 * 
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Poker Stars -Join Our Free Poker Club with Weekly Freerolls!
Announcements Poster: crushadmin - Date: 05.06.2018, 14:43
Dear Poker Crushers,

We have a Private Poker Club over at Poker Stars.

You are all invited to join our private poker club for Home Games online.

If you don't already have it, download the free Poker Stars software from Poker Stars by clicking one of our banners (below) (this may re-direct to the site for your country - but don't worry - all can play in the same private poker club) Smile

Poker Stars Poker Stars Poker Stars

Open the main poker lobby, then click on the Home Games tab

Click the Join a Poker Club button

Enter our Club ID number: 2151797
Enter the Invitation Code: pokercrusher

That's it! Once I've approved your membership request, we'll be ready to start playing Home Games online together.

Our current scheduled weekly tournaments are:-


See you there wink

Good luck at the tables Smile

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Daily Topic Draw - up to 3 winners per day!
Announcements Poster: crushadmin - Date: 28.05.2017, 09:02
Dear Poker Crushers,

We need your posts about where to find the latest poker bonuses and freerolls! We would like you to share what you know about / hear about / see about with other Poker Crusher members and visitors ...

Yes! Every day, we will be having 3 automatic draws for 3 different sets of forums based on the posts made each day (each draw is based on the previous days new topics). (This is to ensure only valid/eligible/correct topics are taken into account as any invalid ones will be removed by staff).

Winners will be posted as a reply to this contest topic each day with a link to their winning topic(s) and added to our Contest Winners page.

Prizes will be $1 per winning topic (each topic can only win once but each member can win more than 1 prize - but only 1 from each set of forums - see below for details of the 3 different sets of forums).

Plus --- each winning topic will be added to the main Portal page which will encourage extra LUU clicks which can help you get more tickets in our Monthly Link Us Up draw wink

The following forum new topics are included in the draws ... see list below...

Set 1 (Poker Freerolls - 1 prize drawn each day

Set 2 (Poker Tournaments) - 1 prize drawn each day

Set 3 (Poker Bonuses) - 1 prize drawn each day

Terms and Rules:-

- Please only post New and Original topics (PLEASE DO NOT *directly copy* text from our bonus database, other crush pages or other sites - please re-write anything that you have found on another site ), and please check no-one has already posted the same topic recently.

- If there are no new eligible posts in the time period for a draw then there will be no prizes drawn for that day in that draw (each draw is separate).

- In order to ensure only valid posts are counted each daily draw will be based on the previous day (so any invalid posts will have a chance to be removed by admins).

- If you find a site we do not yet have in our Bonus Database (i.e. no Quick Banner Code / not found in our Banner Code) then please send a PM to crushadmin *before* posting and I will get banners and then reply when the banners are available.

- If, for any reason a prize is automatically awarded for a topic that should have been removed (i.e. staff didn't remove it in time before the automatic draw then those prize(s) will be removed (no other prizes will be drawn in place - it will just spoil it for others). So, please do your best to only post new and original topics.

Good luck everyone and Happy Gaming Always!


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