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* Monday - 26th Oct 2020 - 14:30 * 

March 2018 - Free Poker - Monthly Poker Chips Contest

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Joined: 22 Jul 2005
Posts: 1047

PC Points 30825
Game Points 2000
Chat Chips 0
Free Poker Chips 1500.00


PostPosted: 02.03.2018, 12:54 Reply with quoteBack to top

Dear Poker Crushers,

Come and join our FREE POKER GAMES EVERY *THURSDAY* in MARCH for CASH PRIZES as well as our Monthly Free Poker Chips Contest.

(You may play at our Free Tables *any time* -- but please just make sure that you allow for the Thursday tourneys).

Every week, you will see a new post in advance for the next Free Poker Tournament in our Free Poker Game Tourney and Help forum.

Every month everyone has their Free Poker Chips reset to 1500 ...

You can see these via the Memberlist, as well as next to posts you have made within all the forums. If yours is showing 0 it is most likely because you have not been active within our free poker room recently. To get this fixed - simply click on the Play Free Poker link and complete any registration (most if not all is automatic) and then they will start updating automatically (generally within 10 minutes) . If you need help with this - please send me a PM and I will help you wink

We have 2 free poker tables available via the Play Free Poker menu link (on the 3rd line down on the top menu - only visible when you are logged into the forum as it is "members only" of course).

The Free Poker Chips can be used to play at both tables any time.

1 table is configured as a Sit and Go table that is generally available all day every day. This table is currently called ...

"All Day Every Day Holdem NL100"
On this table, there is always at least 1 player - a poker bot that you can play against either on your own or with others that join you at the table -- feel free to organize games amongst yourselves there any time wink

The other table is configured as a Tournament table and is called ...
"Poker Crush Tourney Table"
This table (at the moment *) requires at least 5 players to start a tournament and can also be played ANY TIME -- again -- feel free to organize your own tourneys between you as you wish (EXCEPT when it is our scheduled WEEKLY TOURNEY - this is organized by win4maw who has kindly offered to keep scores too so that we can give prizes for the winners of these each week.

The prizes in our weekly scheduled tourneys will now be as follows:-

1. $3 for 300 PC points
2. $2 for 200 PC points
3. $1 for 100 PC points
4. 500 PC points
5. 250 PC points

We also have some Monthly Prizes which everyone can play for regardless of the weekly scheduled tourneys.

These will be based on your final Free Poker Chips score at the end of the month (just before they are reset) and will be as follows:-

1. $5 for 500 PC points (or $4 each for 2 tied, $3 each for 3 tied, $2 each for 4 or more tied)
2. $3 for 300 PC points
3. $2 for 200 PC points
4. 1000 PC points
5. 500 PC points

In the fairly unlikely event that any position is tied then prizes would be split as in ( brackets ) above. For example if place 1 is tied by 2 people, 2 share the first 2 prizes, and the next in the list gets 3rd prize etc ...

Only those with MORE OR LESS THAN 1500 Free Poker Chips (i.e. the amount everyone gets free at the start of each month) will be eligible to win one of these monthly prizes.


This may be changed back be those only with the more than they started with (1500).

So, now you can also use our All Day Free Poker table whenever you like to play against a computer player and/or other Poker Crushers.

My hope also is that we will get adding more Poker Sites to our database and that you will all help me by posting new topics in our Poker Sites in our Freeroll , Bonuses and Tournaments forums ... and then we can build up more from there (only with your help of course) Smile

As always, I invite your feedback on the above and any other suggestions you may have / questions etc etc ... please post them as a reply here Smile

Let's see how you all do this month wink

Good luck at the tables!


* At the moment -- the minimum number of players required to start a tournament can be changed by me (Geno/crushadmin) to less - but it was left generally at 5 as this was the minimum people we had wanting to play at the weekly scheduled tourneys -- and once the table has enough then a tourney will automatically start -- others can get in if they sit quickly at the same time...
--> If others wanted to play against each other more often I could set it lower - maybe to 3 on days when we do not have our scheduled weekly tourney.
---> If this is something you and others are interested in - please let me know and I will make a new topic to post when I have changed it so less players can play and organize their own mini tourneys Smile

PCF Casino Sports Betting AG Casino Poker and Sports Intertops Poker Red Kings Poker Black Chip Poker

Last edited by crushadmin on 02.05.2018, 07:46; edited 1 time in total

Joined: 22 Jul 2005
Posts: 1047

PC Points 30825
Game Points 2000
Chat Chips 0
Free Poker Chips 1500.00


PostPosted: 02.04.2018, 11:15 Reply with quoteBack to top

Dear Poker Crushers,

Here are our end of March winners:

1 - josie46 - 2148.36 -- 1st place - $5 for 500 PCpoints
2 - win4maw - 1973.70 -- 2nd place - $3 for 300 PCpoints
3 - pevangel - 1812.78 -- 3rd place - $2 for 200 PCpoints
4 - crzynana2001 - 1571.12 -- 4th place - 1000 PCpoints
5 - r8er4ever - 1300.00 -- 5th place - 500PCpoints

Congratulations to all our winners. All prizes have now been credited.

Happy Gaming Always,


PCF Casino Sports Betting AG Casino Poker and Sports Intertops Poker Red Kings Poker Black Chip Poker
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