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BowerCrush - 13.07.2015, 15:07
Post subject: Free Poker Tournie Wed July 15
Please join us for a game of NLHE poker on Wed July 15 at 7 pm ET in our Play Free Poker Room.$5 in prizes + PC points.Only 10 seats so don't be late.Cya there!!!
We have a table paid for by Geno each month.
If rules aren't followed we may lose it.When new players arrive I try to let them know what to do with the help of some loyal members. Sometimes a new player comes to the table not knowing the rules. Have patience and explain to them how it works. I know it can be very frustrating when someone sits and the tournie starts early.

After the tournie starts you must particicpate. If you go 2 hands without manually folding,betting or passing you will be booted from the table and you can't return.This is programmed and I can't do anything about it.
When you enter the room please check to see how many players are sitting.

If you notice there are 4 players in seats already, you CANNOT register. The tournie will start automatically once 5 players are sitting,
IF you are NOT 1 of the 4 players SITTING...
Then you MUST WAIT until the scheduled tournie time to sit.
You can register when I say in chat ""OK LET"S PLAY POKER""

This should no longer be happening....EXCEPT for rare occasions.
By someone NEW, someone who rarely attends, or an accidental click.
Attempting to "bump" another player is not allowed.

If the tournie is started early then everyone sitting must exit the room so we can have the scheduled tournie. If I can't get everyone from the table then the tournie will be cancelled and everyone loses then.
BowerCrush - 15.07.2015, 23:41
Post subject:
Good tournie ev1.Congrats to the winners!!!!

1 - Tweet21 $3 + 1000 PC points + 250 pp
2 - Pevangel $2 +2000 PC points + 150 pp
3 - Win4maw 1000 PC points + 100 pp
4 - Josie46 500 PC points
5 - Catlicker 250 PC points
ojisplayin - 16.07.2015, 00:47
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shirlsplay - 16.07.2015, 01:34
Post subject:
congrats tweet and patty Smile
CATLICKER - 16.07.2015, 06:08
Post subject:
Congrats tweet & Patty !!!
crzynana2001 - 16.07.2015, 15:57
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wtg tweet & patty.
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