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The Archive - PC's Birthday Bash Contest #3 closed..winner announced

ojisplayin - 03.08.2009, 03:40
Post subject: PC's Birthday Bash Contest #3 closed..winner announced
Hello My Wonderful Poker Crushers!

Our 3rd Contest for August is simple. Please tell us why you play poker?

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1. All members making a post will be placed into a random drawing, where we will be giving away 1 x $30 prize

2. The winner(s) must have at least 3,000 pc points in order to claim a cash prize. If the selected winner(s) has less then 3,000 pc points then they will receive 3,000 pc points in lieu of the $30 prize.

3. You will need to advise us which payment method you would like us to use to pay you. To do this, please go to the section above and click on "My Payment Method" and follow the instructions. You only need to do this once (unless you later wish or need to change your payment method option). If you have any questions, please send OrangeCrush or Crushadmin a private message.

4. This contest will end on August 4, 2009 and we will give away 1 x $30 prizes.

Good Luck Poker Crushers!!!

Happy Gaming Always!

Your Poker Crush Staff

shortstuff - 03.08.2009, 04:49
Post subject:
The game is challenging. There are so many varieties of the game.My favorite is video So I will be learning something new Smile
anneandalan - 03.08.2009, 05:39
Post subject:
I think I must like torture...or, it could be the fabulous times when I get it right!!!
broxi - 03.08.2009, 07:07
Post subject:
i play poker sometimes for the challenge....but i could never take it up every day as to be honest ive not got the patience...if im in a tournament that lasts hours i just give up and go all in on a 2 9 or whatever im holding to get put out lol
char1984 - 03.08.2009, 08:42
Post subject:
Very Happy Very Happy Its alot of brain work and keeps my brain active(i think)lol..
valeria - 03.08.2009, 08:51
Post subject:
I love the challenge, enjoy the game and competion and I like to use my brain though at times I think it is only gray matter in there.
PUZTIME - 03.08.2009, 10:58
Post subject:
I like playing Poker because it is a game that keeps you on your toes.
Do I take another card - Do I Bluff - What could the other players have
And nothing can bet getting a Royal Flush

afulk8 - 03.08.2009, 11:36
Post subject:
I've just always loved card games...and poker is my favorite. Everything about the game is thrilling to me (more so if there's money involved Smile
Sisters - 03.08.2009, 12:22
Post subject:

My favorite is DDBP..I know it's Video Poker...I still have to get the nerve up to play Normal Poker Embarassed

Good Luck,

sisters Smile
sharon030161 - 03.08.2009, 14:12
Post subject:
i don't play poker all that often but i would love to learn more about it. i play with friends sometime at their house and i do know how to bluff
kildemosus - 03.08.2009, 15:21
Post subject:
I play just for the fun in it..Never win anything though Crying or Very Sad
win4maw - 03.08.2009, 16:17
Post subject:
I rarely play poker cause I don't have a poker face LOL

slotmom - 03.08.2009, 16:52
Post subject:
the only Poker I play is Jacks or Better . I play that because it is easy
cocakolakid - 03.08.2009, 16:57
Post subject:
Poker has a way of being able to challenge my mind - to make me think, analyze, and strategize. It allows me to be manipulate, lie and deceive without having to feel fact...i will feel empowered and hungry for more...

but away from the just me....the CocaKolaKid =))))
rsablebomb - 03.08.2009, 17:07
Post subject:
I play poker because I enjoy the game.
Monica - 03.08.2009, 17:27
Post subject:
Playing poker is a game of chance along with skill. Being able to read people is the key. It is a constant challenge to get the best hand
anneandalan - 03.08.2009, 17:28
Post subject:
I also enjoy the variety how different two types of poke are like Omaha and Hold em
ojisplayin - 03.08.2009, 20:01
Post subject:
annelovesalan wrote: I think I must like torture...or, it could be the fabulous times when I get it right!!!

LOL!!! I feel the same way anne. I play for that once in a while rush of getting it "oh so right!" WOW
sunspun - 03.08.2009, 20:14
Post subject:

(in video poker especially!)


leifen - 03.08.2009, 20:35
Post subject:
I play poker mostly for fun, atleast it started that way. The game is making me use brain and I learn something new every day I play
Kdal29 - 04.08.2009, 01:24
Post subject:
I agree, a RF would be amazing, I also strive for 4 of a kind in Holdem.
kaykyl - 04.08.2009, 01:24
Post subject:
I love gambling my Dad taught me how to play poker when i was 9 been addicted ever since.
Kraziegurl79 - 04.08.2009, 01:25
Post subject:
I play poker because I love a and offline (but mostly offline). My boyfriend is a die-hard poker player and he got me playing! I'm starting to play poker more and slots less. Very Happy

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lilnickie25 - 04.08.2009, 01:26
Post subject:
I love gambling I think it's a great way to have fun and i think if u make your money you should be able to do whatever you want with it
webdeb - 04.08.2009, 01:58
Post subject:
I have to be honest, I play Video Poker when the slots aren't hitting. I really enjoy it when it's multihand and I'm not confident when playing against others.
allight - 04.08.2009, 02:28
Post subject:
love competition, love that you constantly learn more as you play more, and I have to be better than Bower
msfilly - 04.08.2009, 03:41
Post subject:
I like it because of the challenge and the rush when you win a big pot even when you don't have the best hand
gjr1961 - 04.08.2009, 03:49
Post subject:
I have only played online poker once. I barely know the game and have never suceeded at bluffing. Video poker, I play sometimes. It doesn't require as much thinking Wink

~gjr1961 Very Happy
crzynana2001 - 04.08.2009, 04:03
Post subject: winner announced
<center> Our winner today is.........


congratulations Sandy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The staff of Poker-Crush
msfilly - 04.08.2009, 04:08
Post subject:
WTG Sandy!!! Congrats on your win!!!
OrangeCrush - 04.08.2009, 04:17
Post subject:
WooooHooooooo Way to Go Sandy!!! Congratulations hun!!!
PUZTIME - 04.08.2009, 05:21
Post subject:
Wooooo Hooooo WTG Congrats
char1984 - 04.08.2009, 06:42
Post subject:
Very Happy Very Happy Way to go...
broxi - 04.08.2009, 07:38
Post subject:
woohoo wtg sandy..enjoy Very Happy
Sisters - 04.08.2009, 08:18
Post subject:

WTG Sandy..enjoy your winnings hun.. Smile


sisters Smile
Kdal29 - 04.08.2009, 10:52
Post subject:
wtg Sandy!!
slotmom - 04.08.2009, 15:04
Post subject:
Thank you Donna and staff what a surprize ty ty
shortstuff - 04.08.2009, 15:25
Post subject:
WTG Sandy yeaaaaa!
win4maw - 04.08.2009, 15:57
Post subject:
Congrats Sandy

tduterte - 04.08.2009, 17:36
Post subject:
WTG sandy!
allight - 05.08.2009, 00:09
Post subject:
wtg sandy
josie46 - 05.08.2009, 16:02
Post subject:
hi i play allkinds of the game, because i like the thrill of the game,and having a winning hand , ty josie23
annacris - 11.08.2009, 21:50
Post subject:
Congratulations Sandy Smile
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