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PokerGuru - 08.05.2009, 04:47
Post subject: 5-8 DAILY POKER WISDOM
Hi , my poker scholars!

If you are now or are going to become a serious poker player, keeping accurate records is an absolute must! So you might as well start it from the beginning.

I always used 2 small notebooks that I could carry in my pocket. (Yes, that small!) It is not how much you write, is what you write.

In one of them, I kept and still keep track of every penny lost and every penny earned. That tells the story. It keeps getting better, too, if you are a PCer!

In the other one, I kept notes of new things I learned that I didn't want to forget. Like from lessons. That was one half of that notebook.

The other half, I keep notes about players I keep coming up against at the tables. Their names and whether they are bluffers or good players or lousy players -- anything that helps you know how to play against them.

Might as well get used to those 2 tiny notebooks. You will be learning more and more about poker for as long as you live!

Your Guru

valeria - 09.05.2009, 07:22
Post subject:
Thanks Guru as always for very sound good advice. I remember this lessong from waay back and it is nice to have it refreshed because I forgot all about those little books Smile
PokerGuru - 09.05.2009, 07:34
Post subject:
Thank YOU, Valeria.

Having been around the poker world "awhile", I figured you were far from alone! LOL!

And it really is important. More important the farther you go, so make it an easy habit NOW.

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