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Poker Guru Lessons (archive) - 5th Poker DAILY WISDOM

PokerGuru - 27.02.2009, 23:15
Post subject: 5th Poker DAILY WISDOM
Vary your playing strategy. The player whose game is always the same becomes an easy target for the more experienced players.

HOWEVER, identify to yourself your usual, comfortable, and most winning strategy - and stick to it 90 percent of the time. If you change up about 10 percent of the time, that will be variance enough to throw off your opponents.

Your Guru (who cares)

ojisplayin - 28.02.2009, 02:40
Post subject:
Just as soon as I identify to myself...the "norm" I will. TY Guru Smile
crzynana2001 - 28.02.2009, 05:05
Post subject:
Wow, well put and a strategy I already use, Just ask Bower or Al..... LOL
char1984 - 28.02.2009, 19:34
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Very Happy Very Happy very good strategy Guru as you are totally right.they do spot you and mabey take notes as I RARELY ever bluff and try always to play the high hands and have seen on my games 88 perscent on my wins and boy alot of times i know I have the high ace flush and a player will take their time to call and another will say dont call her she will take you out so yes they do get to know how you play so mabey I should start bluffing some lol?
PokerGuru - 01.03.2009, 11:43
Post subject:

You are one of my top scholars and one of my greatest success stories. So I am going to put it to you straight:

You do not have to necessarily bluff, but you should, once in a great while, and then show your cards at the end so they will know you were bluffing. Then they will not have you pegged as one who never bluffs! It will leave them more confused about your playing and they will never know WHAT you are doing!

But whether you bluff or not, it is important that you play the way that works for you 90 percent of the time - so you will keep your good record. Then change the way you play - somehow - about 10 percent of the time - so your opponents will RUIN their good records!!!

You do great, Char, and one of the reasons, I'm sure, is that you are willing to keep on learning more! Instead of some people, who think they already have learned all they need to know - because their damn ego is their worst enemy and they want to be seen, not as a student but as a master!

I hate to disappoint those poor fools, but they will NEVER become masters with that attitude!

I, myself, am PROUD to still call myself a student and scholar of the game!

Keep up the good work!

Your Guru

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