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PokerGuru - 17.02.2009, 12:11
Post subject: Guru POKER LESSON
Hello, my PCers!

If somebody at the table makes a huge pre-flop bet, chances are he has an Ace, maybe even 2 Aces.

Now your job, if you have pretty good hole cards yourself, is to watch the community cards very carefully, WHILE REMEMBERING WHAT HE HAS.

So if an Ace turns up on the table after that big pre-flop bet by someone......the only smart thing you can do is fold. For 2 very good reasons:

Reason #1) You know he has probably already paired up or maybe even has a set (3 of a kind) of Ace or Kings.

Reason #2) The huge bets like this are the ones you want most NOT to lose!

Losing a small pot won't put you out of the game. But losing a big one can! Especially if you keep doing it by trying to win a huge pot.

You are much better off winning the small pots, but a lot of them.....than by going for the big pot!

Building up your stack gradually by small amounts is a pretty good guarentee of not being knocked out of the game.

But risking a big part of your stake for the sake of wanting that big pot....can knock you out pretty quickly.

This is also one of the times you should NEVER assume someone is bluffing......pre-flop.

If they make a big bet, it is probably because they are happy with their hole cards and depending on them to win the hand.

So why fight an uphill battle? Wait until nobody makes an outrageous pre-flop bet to call or raise with your own hand.

And remember -- nobody ever lost a dime by checking! It is often the most intelligent action, especially if you have the turn and river still coming for a chance to bet if they are good.

If, however, your winning the hand depends only on getting the right card on the river to complete your set or straight or flush, DON'T count on it! Odds are the river will not be the card you need. To depend on it means you are trading in your skill and knowledge to depend on luck. You know what I think of luck - fool's play.

After all, the rabbit foot was not very lucky for the rabbit, was it?

All of the above falls into the category of my big lesson rule: NEVER bet on cards you are hoping to get. Bet ONLY on cards you already have for sure! That is the only way, I promise you, to be a consistent winner.

At this point, I am going to point out again the reason WHY luck has nothing to do with whether you are a winner or loser at poker.

The newer members need to digest this well enough that they can convince anybody in their family or their friends or acquaintences of it. The fourth year students need to be reminded and to have it reaffirmed.

And here is the reasoning:

Over any given period of time, the universal laws of statistics as well as the law of averages proves that every player will be dealt the same number of good hands and the same number of bad hands. That is just the way of the world and its randomness.

It is the KNOWLEDGE of how to play the bad hands as well as how to play the good hands that makes the difference! That knowledge is what determines who the consistent winners will well as who the consistent losers will be.

If it was simply a matter of luck, you would not see the same faces showing up year after year at the final tables! It would be a matter of eeny meeny miney moe that would determine who would win those gold bracelets - and hardly anybody would ever win one twice.

But since it is NOT luck, but KNOWLEDGE and SKILL coming from that knowledge........most winners of gold bracelets have won more than one.

If it was all a matter of luck, there would be no champions. No poker stars. Because the same players - the ones with the most and best poker education - would not be consistent winners. But only consistent winners become champions! And nothing but knowledge (certainly not luck) can provide that consistency!

So do not let anyone ever put down your victories by attributing them to good luck! Instead, patiently explain to them how illogical they are being. And explain the truth logically to them. Then they should be qualified to give you the respect you deserve!

Good Thinking, my Poker Crushers. And don't insult a fellow player by wishing him/her Good Luck!

valeria - 17.02.2009, 20:10
Post subject:
Thanks for the wonderful reminder! Also a very important one!! Has saved my butt more than once. I hav also many many times have to fold a pair that is IN my hand. I needed a 3 for a straight but someone else was betting very strongly which told me they either already had a straight or also were trying for the straight. Since I still needed a card and looking at the 4 cards on the table, I assumed they already had the straight.... I hate folding pairs early but I have folden many many pairs in my hands just from what comes out at the flop
PokerGuru - 18.02.2009, 01:43
Post subject:
Very smart, Valeria!

You have become a REAL poker player!

ojisplayin - 19.02.2009, 04:09
Post subject:
This is the lesson I need to LEARN!! Not to bet on what ifs...ONLY on what haves...TY Guru
PokerGuru - 19.02.2009, 07:15
Post subject:
Right you are, OJ. It is the second biggest mistake made by poker players.

That is why I keep repeating it and driving it in to your brains' "pegged closets" with a sledge hammer!

Your Guru

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