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PostPosted: 19.09.2005, 21:40 Reply with quoteBack to top

Keep It Simple

When you start to play poker, you will more than likely be playing lower limit games. To beat these games does not require you to become a masterful poker player, it means that you are able to outplay poor opponents. To beat good players at higher limits can be incredibly difficult, involving many complex moves. However, winning at low limits is pretty straightforward.

What do I mean? Basically, other players won't be paying attention to you. They only care about their own cards; they don't care about you or your cards. They will play their hand as they always play their hand, regardless of whether or not you are in the pot. You are basically a ghost to them...but hopefully you will be a ghost that's slowly taking their money! If you want to beat these types of players, you simply need to a play a straightforward game that will win in the long run. For example, play tight, don't do any fancy bluffs, bet aggressively when you probably have the best hand, and utilize pot odds for your drawing decisions.

When it comes to deception with these players, slowplaying can work. These players are easily fooled into thinking they have the best hand when they hit a pair on the turn, so giving them a free card when you hold the stone nuts can be to your advantage. However, bluffing is simply an exercise in futility. These guys want to see if they have the best hand. They'll pay to see your cards just so they can see them sometimes! Don't expect to scare any fish at lower limits with an extra $2 bet.

Master the art of choosing starting hands, employing pot odds, and aggressively betting your winning hands. However, psychological strategies are generally useless. Your opponents are not thinking too deeply, and attempting any fancy plays will only hurt you.

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PostPosted: 16.10.2006, 20:28 Reply with quoteBack to top

I found this post by DrC, written when this site first opened almost, and I wanted to say HOW RIGHT HE WAS! Or is. Both.

I guess I hadn't played enough back when this was posted to realize the truth of what he was saying in this post, (not that I ever doubted DrC) but reading it now, after maybe having had a lot more experience playing online poker, I really see it now. It's just like he said it would be in this post.

Unfortunately, I'm afraid I too often play like the other players he talks about, playing my hand and only my hand, oblivious to the other hands being played at my table. Probably 'cause I'm always doing something else online at the same time that I'm playing a game! But when I do pay attention, I can see it just like he says it is in this post.

Should definitely be something you can use to your advantage, but u gotta pay attention!

I can do that.


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