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PostPosted: 12.01.2006, 02:32 Reply with quoteBack to top

The concept of pot odds is a important factor in deciding poker play. Pot odds is basicly the relationship between the size of the pot and the size of the bet. In other words if there is $10 in the pot and you have to call a $1 bet, then you are getting pot odds of 10:1. If you have to call a $2 bet in the same $10 pot, you are getting pot odds of 5:1.

Once you know your pot odds, you have to use this information appropriately and to your advantage. You do this by connecting the pot odds to the value of your hand. This means you are able to put your opponents on likely hands and understand your chances of making a better hand than them.

For example, you have a flush.">flush draw on the flop in Hold'em and you are up against an opponent who you think has at least top-pair. There are nine cards (usually referred to as outs) that will give you a flush when you have flopped a four flush. If you refer to the table below it shows that nine outs gives a 35% chance (2:1 against) of making the flush on the turn and river combined. This means that you need at least pot odds of 2:1 to call a bet on the flop.

Flush draw with two overcards or a straight flush.">flush draw 15 outs
Flush draw with one overcard 12 outs
Flush draw 9 outs
Open-ended straight draw 8 outs
Two overcards 6 outs
Gut-shot straight draw 4 outs

May the cards be on your side..Smile

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